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Thursday, May 20, 2010

What a day!

My heart is still beating through my chest, even after the over excitement drained me of all energy, enough to sleep for two and a half hours after it happened.

Started my day like any other, got up, tidied the kitchen and let my pups out. I usually leave the back door, from the kitchen to back yard, open during the afternoon so the doggies can run in and out, and, for the breeze. I did that today.

After my morning chores, I laid down in my room, just not feeling great. At around 1:15 (give or take) my dogs start going CRAZY, not the someone's knocking on the door crazy, not the we're annoyed with each other and wrestling crazy, not the there's another dog outside our house crazy, just plain nuts!!!! I got a little nervous and jumped out of bed. It took no time for the crazy to get out of control with barking and growling and jumping around. I immediately went for my gun case. I locked my bedroom door, got it out and realized all my clips were empty.... SHIT!
With quaking hands, arms, body, I loaded a magazine faster than I thought I'd ever be able to and went back for my bedroom door.
That's when I heard Gracie crying, and, another dog hit the wall and start crying. I called out to them and rushed out of my room gun ready to fire.
There was noone there, but, a chair was knocked over and Chris's bike was missing. I checked my house, police style, nothing.
I didn't know what to do. I didn't know how to explain to an officer that because my dogs were barking someone was there. I locked everything up and waited.
About 45 minutes later there was loud banging at my back door.... WHAT THE FUCK!!!??!!? I flipped again! Grabbed my Glock and went in running, I wasn't playing. I was ready to cap a fool. This is my home and I WILL feel safe!
Well, this time it was Chris, who, may I add has NEVER come to the back door to get in. I was mad and glad and scared and relieved all in one. He thought I was nuts until I told him the story. Then, he was proud!
Around that time I had to leave to pick up my littles from school, as I walked I noticed an officer at a house about a block away. Can't help but wonder if it was related and I am indeed not just going crazy!

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  1. P.S. The pups are ok! I am so proud of my little protector babies!!