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Thursday, June 10, 2010

so what if I'm the worlds worst blogerator.

catching up....

It's blazing hot up in this piece. Over 100 daily and no shade in site! We don't have central heat and air, only a swamp cooler. Total garbage. It blows out funky sticky air and it smells funny. puke.

I am holding off of school until the kiddos go back. I think it'd be scholarly suicide to start with 3 crazies running around all day long.

I love that my electric bills are no longer $450. We're paying around $50 a month now. sqweee to that!

I have been a thrifting fool! thrifty thrifty thrifty. I still need to sit down and figure out putting pics on here, I'd love to share my gems.

I have been on a redecorating kick lately, I'm bored of my crap. I want to add a couple new awesomes to make it all seem fresh again!

I am trying to keep the littles busy this summer. Logan is going on a trip through the CYS (children and youth services) for the Army in August. He'll be going to NM to camp and adventure. They also have councilors there and there will be classes on how to deal with deployed parents, what war can do to a person and homecomings. He's really excited. Luca is doing summer school, it's a whopping 2 wks long. wow! I have been scouring the net to find cheap/free activities we can all do for the couple months they're home. Most El Paso museums are free, check, early morning hiking, check, tons of fun stuff on post, including a summer reading program and some no cost week long camps, check check check!!!

I've been crazy busy lately with errands and appointments and phone calls. My head is spinning. I've had these awesome little tables in the garage waiting for some tlc that I'm dying to get to but don't have time. whaaaaaaaaaaaa... Soon, very soon, I'm taking a day off and cracking a bottle of wine and playing in the garage all day with my tools, sand paper and paint!!!

Lover face has a 2 week break coming up. We talked about taking a train (YAYAYAYA) to San Antonio and doing Sea World (FREEEEEEEE for us!), the zoo, some water parks... A real family vacay! Something we've never really done!! I'm excited like crazy!

I'm still hoping to make a trip to FL, too. We just can't figure out which way I should take to get there. Fly? youch. Drive, ughhhhhhhhhhh.... I'd hate to be there for 2 weeks without a car. But, driving for 28 hours with the 3 kiddos alone, barf! I just don't know, I just don't know.... Can my friends please just all come here? please????

I know there's more I wanted to write, but, I'm a little distracted by the sweat dripping out of my knee pit. yeah.

I will do my best to keep this up, maybe even pass out the link to more than my one bud, Cher! :)

Man, I'm so pooped, but, my thrifting itch is really getting to me, I might need to hit one up today. I just can't seem to get rid of it lately.

Ok, bye.

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